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Benefits Of Erotic Massage Therapy

Brooke Oneal/ September 12, 2017/ Massage/

A massage parlor can be defined as a place you get a massage and pay for it. It is quite different than getting to your girlfriend’s house and have her rub your neck. You can find this to be a stand-alone business, but there are others offering full-service spa and now erotic massages sydney. These are known to offer more than just massage behind the closed door and close-curtained window.

Usually, customers are provided with a broad range of optitge6ye7u2e8i292o9o2ons to choose from. For instance, they can choose whether their therapist will be wearing a G-string, topless, or completely nude during the service. No matter what oneĀ is wearing, you will find the massage just the same, and you are paying extra for the view.

If you do not know the difference between an erotic massage and a regular one, the latter does not end up in any form of the private or sexual act. You should never ask your massage therapist to offer you what you get in an erotic massage parlor. This is because it is insulting and illegal. In fact, you ca be banned from returning to the parlor.

Erotic massage is an amazing way to relax, explore pleasure and connect with an intimate friend or lover. On the path of Tantra, it is good to come together to celebrate and honor our bodies as temples of delight. In this way, you can explore erotic energy in various ways. In fact, it is a great prelude to lovemaking. In this post, you will learn various benefits of erotic massage.


Look for a quiet, comfortable, warm place where you will not be disrupted for next 3 hours. Ensure all the phones are turned off. Also, light some candles and enjoy relaxing, romantic music.

Heart Salutation

You shoutg23e6ye7u2e8i29o20p2ld start with heart saluation. This is an ancient tantric practice meant for acknowledging divinity when one enters into sacred time. You should sit near your partner and look into his eyes. Maintaining eye contact during this period is good. You can extend your arms and bring them to your heart.

Healthy boundaries

A lot of people think boundaries as walls. These are bridges, which bring people together. You should note that intimacy arises when you ignore boundaries. This is because you will feel safe, present, and open.

Giving an erotic massage

You should decide where and when to get this service. Ensure you get a therapist who is comfortable and warm.…