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How to Buy Female Sex Toys – The Shame Free Guide

It does not matter whether you are male or female. Purchasing female sex toys is a bold move. As a matter of fact, for the mere fact that you are even considering it, you earn yourself some points for being adventurous, if you are a lady and if you are a man, points for being daring enough to delve into unfamiliar territory much to the benefit of your lover. But here is the thing. Female sex toys are vast and diverse. They range from tiny adorable dildos to scary double ended octopus-like dildos. Chances of your purchase blowing up on your face are high. But we are here to ensure that is not your story. Here is how you can make your finding and purchasing the best sex toy in the market a pleasurable and seamless experience for you.

How to buy a female sex toy

There are several factors to be considered. Most of which are determined by personal preference than anything else. If you are a man, seeking to please you lady, you will have to do your homework.

Determine the preferred type of toy

ewsdfxcgvbnThere are toys that have been designed to stimulate the clitoris, and there are those that work the vaginal walls. There also vary in shape and design. Some are cute and disguised as makeup items for beginners while others are unmistakable for what they are. If the toy you intend to purchase is a surprise gift, you are better off going with one that will provide a little bit of everything to suit her in varying occasions.

Going shopping

Like with many other things, there are shops that are packed with sex toys only. You surely know a couple by now right? Sex shops are the best places to make a purchase from. The staff makes it easier for you. They offer valuable information and point you in the right direction. The best thing is that they are very expressive when it comes to sex toys and sex in general.
But if for some reason you feel weirded out, the internet can be your haven. You could get pretty much anything you please and save if you know where to look.

Do not forget

Our article on how to buy female sex toys’ guide would be incomplete without mentioning this. No doubt sex toys are enjoyable; they have the ability to grant the big pleasure even to those who have no idea what it is. You, however, have to be safe. With all the pleasure, it is easy to get lost and get bruised. Lube ensures that toys get the job done all so efficiently without creating too much friction. Just like with everything else, sex toys should be cleaned regularly.

Bigger is not always better

erdsfxcgvhbnmFor most women, a great percentage of the orgasmic stimulation emanates from the clitoris than the vaginal walls. As such, it’s more accurate to concentrate on the texture, girth and more penis-like in length.
With this simple article how to buy female sex toys’ guide you are well on your way to victory. It’s easier and less intimidating that you initially expected right?